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The Inspiring Success Story of the Captain Cool- Mahendra Singh Dhoni Mahendra Singh Dhoni, popularly known as MS Dhoni, the king of cricket, has led India to win all ICC trophies, and he"s the only captain in the history of international cricket to do so. The legendary cricketer has been awarded Padma Shri and Padma Bhushan for their services to Indian cricket. He is also known as captain cool for his calm composure on the field. You can trust him not to give in to the pressure and perform phenomenally under all circumstances in the cricket match. He is also known for his IPL Journey and has led his team, Chennai Super Kings, to win 4 IPL titles. He can be called the master of IPL cricket live. He"s also quite the expert when it comes to cricket betting tips. (Cr Pati101 Follow Mahendra Singh Dhoni, also follow Virta Kohli!) However, his career didn"t start as smoothly. Dhoni"s father wasn"t very supportive of his sports career. Dhoni"s father wanted him to pursue academics and stay away from sports. However, his mother fully supported him. MS Dhoni also has an elder sister named Jayanti Gupta, who has played an integral role in her brother"s successful journey. She backed her brother and supported him throughout his journey.

How did his career start?

When he was in school, he used to play for the school"s soccer team. He was a goalkeeper at the district and club levels. One day he played cricket for his local cricket club and impressed everyone with his wicket-keeping skills. After that, he became a regular wicketkeeper at the cricket club for three years. After that, he got selected to play for the Vinod Mankad Under-16 championship. In 1988, Dhoni got selected to play for the CCL or Central Coalfields Limited Team. The coach Deval Sahay was impressed with Dhoni"s dedication and used to give him Rupees 50 for each six he used to hit. They could see the potential in Dhoni and used his contacts to get him a place on the Bihar Cricket team. Dhoni transitioned from CCL to the Bihar Ranji team within just a year. He got the opportunity to play for the Bihar U-19 squad and took his team to the finals. He scored 176 runs in 5 matches but couldn"t win the finals. Punjab defeated them, and coincidently another great player was playing from the other side, and that player was Yuvraj Singh. Dhoni was just 18 when he got to play the Ranji trophy for the Bihar team in the 199-2000 season, where he made 68 runs and stunned everyone. Dhoni got the opportunity to work as a Traveling Ticket Examiner (TTE) at Kharagpur Railway Station from1-to to 2003, and he had to take it because it was a big deal considering his financial status. However, he didn"t give up his cricket dreams and continued to pursue his career. He continued his Ranji trophy journey until he got his big break.

Start of his international cricket journey & success story

His talent was discovered by TRDO Prakash Poddar, who gave him the chance to be a part of the Indian international cricket team. As a result, he debuted for team India in the ODI tour of Kenya and Zimbabwe. His performed exceedingly well was in both series, and he scored back-to-back centuries. This was when the world got to see his incredible talent, and the rest is history. After this event, he never looked back. He became the most successful captain Indian cricket has ever seen and even won India tel world cups. Unarguably, his contribution to Indian cricket can never be replaced. He truly is the God of cricket, and his absence can be felt in the Indian cricket team even today. He is also the most successful IPL captain and has phenomenally led his team, Chennai super kings. Fans were heartbroken when he announced his retirement from international cricket on 15 August 2020. He came from humble beginnings, but that didn"t stop him from making a name for himself in the cricketing world. His game impressed Saurav Ganguly, who was the captain of the Indian team at that time. His unique wicket-keeping style also got him results. MS Dhoni"s passion for cricket has helped him represent India at an international level and win matches and tournaments. He has made Indians proud everywhere and has inspired thousands of young boys and girls to start playing the game. His story is exceptionally inspiring and unique. It is tremendous for a boy from such a small town to make such a big name for himself and represent a country of 1.3 billion people. Dhoni has been very lucky when it comes to betting as well. On his friend"s recommendation, he tried his hand at Cr Pati101 and won many prizes. His betting experience at Cr Pati101 has been quite remarkable and safe. You could try your luck at Cr Pati101 and win amazing prizes just like Dhoni.