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Cr Pati101-IPL cricket live match | Who is king of cricket?

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Sachin Tendulkar and the Love for Cricket Who does not know about Sachin Tendulkar? If you ever ask anyone who is king of cricket, the answer you will get will undoubtedly be Sachin Tendulkar. From cricket match to IPL cricket live, there is no cricketer today who can match up to him. Not only is he a complete batsman, but he is also one of the most famous run-makers of all time and arguably also the greatest cricket icon the world has ever known. For everyone who loves the game of cricket and wants to indulge in cricket betting, watching and observing Sachin Tendulkar can help you pick up many cricket betting tips.

Who is King of Cricket - Sachin Tendulkar?

Sachin Tendulkar"s batting was based on the very basic principles - perfect balance, precision in stroke-making, the economy of movement, and the right anticipation. There is really no signature stroke with this genius cricketer as any move he would make would become extraordinary. Still, Tendulkar"s upright, back-foot punch is believed to be his signature move. Nevertheless, he was equally excellent at each of the orthodox shots that you would see in any cricket match. Popularly known as "The Little Master" or "Master Blaster," Tendulkar entered the world of cricket at the tender age of 16, and throughout the many years he spent in cricket, he is credited for establishing countless records across all formats of the game, even participating in the first six seasons of IPL cricket live.

Sachin Tendulkar"s Finest Performances in Cricket

There is no doubt that there were no apparent weaknesses in his game, and some of Tendulkar"s finest performances were against Australia, which was the main dominant team of his time. In fact, his century as a 19-year-old that he scored on a lightning-fast pitch at the WACA is still known as one of the best innings ever to have been played in Australia. Tendulkar"s greatness in cricket was established early when at the young age of 16, he made his cricket test match debut. During this cricket match, he was hit on the mouth by the balling of Waqar Younis, but he stood firm in a blood-soaked shirt and continued to bat. Tendulkar"s first test match, 100, which was a cricket match-saving one at Old Trafford, took place when he was just 17. Before reaching the age of 25 years, he already had a whopping 16 test hundreds. In 2000, he became the first batsman to score 50 international hundreds, and in 2008, he soared past the record of Brian Lara as the leading test run-scorer in cricket. A few years after this, he crossed 13,000 test runs, 30,000 international runs, and 50 test hundreds. Even today, Tendulkar holds the record for scoring the most hundreds in both ODIs and Tests. This is certainly an incredible achievement considering that he did not score his first one-day international hundred until his 79th cricket match. He was also the first to score the first-ever double century in one-day cricket. He achieved his feat at the age of 36 years.

Observing Tendulkar"s Techniques and Picking up Cricket Betting Tips

Sachin Tendulkar has had a truly incredible career - one that is hard to match up to. If you are a fan of cricket and you frequently like to indulge in cricket betting, a great way to pick up some cricket betting tips is by observing great cricket players like Tendulkar, who is king of cricket. With the introduction of so many different styles of cricket, including IPL cricket live, the cricket betting calendar is always jam-packed nowadays. With this exciting mix of both new and traditional forms of cricket, there are now more betting opportunities than ever before. But where can you indulge in cricket betting in real-time and in the safest way? Well, that"s an easy question to answer. With the entry of Cr Pati101 in India, there is now no better and more trustworthy place to enjoy cricket betting. You can enjoy cricket betting at Cr Pati101, even if you are a newcomer to betting on cricket matches. Cr Pati101"s online betting tips are easy to follow and use, and over time, you will develop a better understanding of the game itself and even go on to explore the many advanced betting options available with Cr Pati101 and increase your earnings. Apart from cricket, there is a wide range of online games offered at Cr Pati101. The website offers many sports games, computer games, virtual games, and even Poker, apart from cricket betting. The website also has the most enthusiastic, most convenient, and one of the quickest customer service teams in the business to help you out whenever you need anything. So logon to Cr Pati101 today to bet on cricket and win large payoffs even with small investments.